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About Us

PT WECO ABADI, a private limited company incorporated in 2011 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Primarily engaged in import, marketing, sales and distribution of components for the commercial vehicle industry such as:

  • Tank truck components and systems.
  • Fluid transfer systems.
  • Hydraulic equipment.
  • Components for trucks and trailers
  • Flexible composite hoses.
  • Compressors, vacuum pumps, pumps.

Our business is focused in divested transport industry such as in the transport of construction material (cement), chemicals (solvents, acid and etc.), foods (flour & sugar), oil & gas (petroleum & LPG), industrial (Oxygen) and mining (coal) and is proven to be economic cycle resistance.

The ultimate goal for PT WecoAbadi is to achieve consistent business growth and profitability. We are accomplishing this by developing lasting partnerships with our suppliers, taking advantage of the latest technological advances and being a good corporate citizen.


Tank Truck Equipment

Vacuum Pump


Cable Support

Wiring System